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After more than three years of research and development, and through the comparison of professional test organizations, the technical quality indicators of chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber wrap belt produced by Jiangsu Keqiang New Materials Co., Ltd. have reached the quality standards of the United States on Brown wrap belt. The product uses a special weaving process and takes polyester fabric mesh as skeleton material, as well as the CSM rubber (130 ± 5°C X3mm) thermally bonded into one layer up and down. The CSM rubber has significant advantages, including bright color, no discoloration under the light, ozone resistant, anti-ultraviolet, anti-salt spray, high and low temperature resistant, and acid and alkali resistant, thus it is used as anti-corrosion rubber for cable-stayed cable due to its all-weather light color characteristics.
In order to fully take into account the site construction and hot melting wrap bag, the product uses all-weather excellent thermal adhesive high molecular materials in the formula design, to ensure the reliable and stable hot melt wrapped process. The lap area is completely fused as a whole and can not be separated after the hot melting wrapping.
The skeletal materials and the rubber covered have a certain thermal shrinkage after holt melting (130 ± 5°C), to ensure the tightly wrapping with the cable, prevent the corrosion of external media on the metal, and to further extend the service life of cable.
(Bridge on using: Qingshui River Suspension Bridge-Guiyang, Zhuzhou Fengxi Bridge, etc.)

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